CUTTING AND PROGRESSIVE DIES: Study, project, design and manufacture of cutting and progressive dies, bending and stamping for small, medium and large productions.

PROTOTYPES AND MECHANISED: Mechanised of parts for tooling and prototypes of high precision. 3D mechanised.

WIRE AND DIE SINKING EDM WORKS: Manufacture of parts with complex geometry, both externally and internally, with a precision up to 1 µm, in the case of wire EDM.

METAL STAMPING : In order to guarantee our customers our products, we have stamping presses with tonnages from 50 up to 160 T that allow us to test the produced dies and provide our customers with the approval of stampings, as well as produce pre-series for our customers to analyze and test in their production lines.
In addition we also make metal stamping cold materials in large series with very competitive prices and great advantages for our customers, because, on numerous occasions, we assume both the cost of the equipment necessary for the manufacture of this series and the maintenance.

CAD / CAM / CAE: Develop any idea or project of our customers to bring them to reality, using 2D and 3D CAD design and mechanised CAM / CAE.


Matrices Prototipos y mecanizados Electroerosión Estampaciones CAD/CAM/CAE
 Dies  Prototypes and mechanised  EDM  Metal stampings  CAD/CAM/CAE